Sunday, 21 December 2008

Molly Joan Magee - the most beautiful girl in the world

On December 4th I gave birth to this stunning little creature
I do want to write up some kind of 'birth story' at some point. But right now, i'm just too busy staring at, feeding, changing, bathing and all together caring for my daughter (!!! oh I love how that sounds! 'my daughter'!!).

In brief, molly came a month early as her mummy (that's me!) was very sick with a thing called pre-eclampsia. Shane sat by my bedside through the whole long process blogging from his iphone. I doubt I could write the birth story better than him, so if you're interested you might like to have a wee read of his account of it all, start here and work your way forward. 

Sunday, 16 November 2008

6 weeks to go, but who's counting?

let me start by declaring, in just under 7 weeks I am going to be a mother and I have never changed a diaper! 

A great friend is throwing us a lovely unisex (phew) baby shower on Thursday the 27th. If you want to be there, contact me and I can pass on directions and times. 

Our registry is at toysRus (Saint John location, or, listed under Shane Magee. I have tried to keep the list pretty small, with some of the bigger things that I know we will need. When it comes to clothing and toys, I thought I would leave it up to the gift giver (though we have plenty of sleepers, no need for more of them).  Now this is the important part:

We both feel very strongly about the importance of reusing and recycling. So if you do happen to see, or have, a registry item  (or item that is similar but a different brand etc.) second hand please let me know and I will remove it from the official list and considered it bought. 

We welcome and indeed encourage used/vintage/second hand/loved (however you want to call it) gifts.  Baby items are so temporary, it seems such a waste to spend a ton of money on items that are readily available second hand (and very often barely used and in perfect condition!).  

A big thank you in advance and thanks already to those who have given us lovely lovely things and of course those who have lavished us with lovely lovely love.  This is an exciting and scary adventure we are about to embark on. We both feel so excited and nervous to meet our little kid! I hope s/he likes us! 

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Significant dates....

This is a big emotionally loaded week ahead of me.  The 2nd would have been my mums birthday the 3rd of Nov is the 3rd anniversary of her death and on the 5th we have an ultra sound. 

These last few years I have chosen not to think about the significance of these dates. I guess I just got preoccupied and didn't want to dwell. But this year I have been spending a lot of time thinking about my mum. I miss her.  I'm sure it has a lot to do with being in the process of becoming a mum myself.....Anyway, happy birthday mum. 

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

FiNaLlY -NeW iTeMs In StOrE !!

I finally got a few items listed at my Etsy shop this eve. 

Cute little purse
and a happy little ice cream bag

Will come nicely wrapped and tagged and would make very nice Christmas pressies, nudge nudge. 

Spread the word, Etsy alone doesn't seem to generate a whole lot of traffic to the store these days. It's just got too darn popular. Pah!

the greyest day there has ever been.....vol.3

MixwitMixwit make a mixtapeMixwit mixtapes

Monday, 27 October 2008

Thursday, 23 October 2008

mother lovin'....

I am 30 weeks today, the ten week countdown has begun and to be honest I feel totally and completely overwhelmed! I have just finished reading this wonderful post from FreckleWonder and, as is often the case these days, I have a pile of tear stained kleenex next to me.  I just can't quite believe I am going to have a child! I frequently find myself silently shaking my head in disbelief. Overwhelmed - because I can't afford to do a lazy half assed job at this mothering thing, because it is scary for me to think how much I will love this new addition to my family, because I feel exhausted at the thought of how exhausted I am going to be, because I can't believe I have been given such a gift, in spite of all my panicking, I have a deep conviction that this is ridiculously perfect timing and exactly what I needed.  phew, that is a lot of 'whelming'!

I am feeling increasingly tired these days, my back ACHES if I stand too long. I feel like I'm 80 years  old the way I move about. My ankles and wrists have started to really swell and get uncomfortable. I frequently wake up with heartburn, something I had never ever had till now.  And If I hear one more person tell me that they just 'loved being pregnant' and they 'never felt so sexy' I may just strangle them. It isn't that I hate being pregnant, at all, but I certainly don't find it a glowing, ethereal, sensual pleasure. Last week Shane had to console me many times after he'd find me teary in a changing room exclaiming "I can't believe I look like this! who is this person!!". See I have always been such a skinny little runt. It's alarming to suddenly feel.....chunky. 

I know that pregnancy can be a billion times worse than this, so I AM thankful that everything is entirely normal and healthy. None-the-less my ever increasing aches remind me that I really need to get my ass in gear and get everything ready for la bebe! Tonight I am going to write myself a biiiiiig long list of things I MUST do in the next few weeks. 

I'm spending way too much time online pouring over anything relevant to my current disposition. Enough time researching Alli, lets start doing! 
I've become obsessed with finding stylish, kitchy, retrolovin' young mums online. And am frequently glued to the never ending nursery inspiration found at ohdeedoh 

Anyway, some doing to be done....

p.s. check out how many deer we had in our front yard yesterday!! :

Monday, 20 October 2008

as promised, my thrifty finds

I haven't yet had full success with thrift store shopping here in New Brunswick. I do love Value Village but find it pretty expensive (for thrift). And then there is Frenchy's which I have talked about before. One of my gripes with Frenchy's is that it doesn't have much, if any, vintage items. A lot of people love it for that very reason, they like that their isn't a whole lot of items your granny wore 'back in the day' and appreciate a recognizable high quality label. (I was recently told that I haven't actually been to a 'real Frenchys' and have been promised a little shopping spree to one of the best in Oromocto, about an hour north of me. )

I frequent some lovely thrifting blogs from the likes of Missa at ThriftCandy and Rhiannon at Liebemarlene Vintage and also lust after the uber cute wardrobe remixes of SunshineUpton (someone who I would love to have a nice cup of tea with). I would love to say that they inspire me, however I usually end up frustrated that I can't find the same vintage delights here.  


We took a trip down to Maine This week and I popped into a few thrift stores. Albeit most of thrifty purchases wont be worn till I lose my baby bump, but I was fully satisfied with a shmorgesboard of floral, lacy, loveliness:

this photo doesn't really do them justice. The lilac dress is gonna look so cute with some burgundy tights and the shoes sitting beneath it. I plan on teaming the tunic up with some skinny jeans (alas! If I ever fit them again!) and a chunky brown belt. 
I'm mostly excited about wearing this skirt up high as a top/dress.  Though I think it could work as a skirt too.
This skirt will look with great with some rosy pink cheeks and I just couldn't resist the 60's dress. All I need is a lemon yellow cardi, a beehive and a cute baby under my arm!
Last but not least, I love this 70's blanket, perfect for throwing over my knee when watching a movie.   What I love most is that nearly all these items cost a $1 each! 

Friday, 17 October 2008

"I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately" - Henry David Thoreau.

The idea of living deliberately seems to enter my thoughts and conversations a lot these days.  In fact, me and Shane pretty much spent our afternoon talking about it. Here are a few on going's in list form, because I feel like I should be doing something else with my time (though I haven't decided what yet):

* We both got work permits! at long last, shane is working for the John Howard Society and I am supposedly knitting away to make some extra cash. 

* I have way too many baby type appointments these days, I feel like a human pin cushion. aargh. 

* Shane's shifts are all at crazy times so we are missing out on a social life. I have social options but I always feel more like myself when he is around

* We take our 'weekend' in the middle of the week now (due to crazy shifts) so this 'weekend' we went south to Maine and did some shopping ! yum, my thrifty finds will be featured in my next post. 

* I cannot believe I have another 11 weeks of growing! I feel huge and I really wish my butt wasn't protruding as much as my stomach is ! how did this happen!

* "you are the best decision I ever made" - a lovely thing shane said to me tonight  :o))))))

Friday, 10 October 2008

bitten lip...

I have before me little things
These little things, they fill my day
But sometimes they fall short
They fail to satisfy or sustain
Tonight I lay them before me
And I pray that they are enough
For I fear I may be foolish
And forget that I am an island. 

"Yes, Clarissa thinks, It's time for the day to be over. We throw our parties; we abandon our families to live alone in Canada; we struggle to write books that do not change the world, despite our gifts and our unstinting efforts, our most extravagant hopes. We live our lives, do whatever we do, and then we sleep - It's as simple and ordinary as that. A few jump out of windows, or drown themselves, or take pills; more die by accident; and most of us, the vast majority, are slowly devoured by some disease or, if we're very fortunate, by time itself. There's just this for consolation: an hour here or there when our lives seem, against all odds and expectations to burst open and give us everything we've ever imagined, though everyone but children (and perhaps even they) knows these hours will inevitably be followed by others, far darker and more difficult.  Still, we cherish the city, the morning; we hope, more than anything, for more. "
The Hours by Michael Cunningham

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Book launch

Just a quickie to say I am super duper excited to have a few of my photos featured in this upcoming publication available to pre-order from amazon.

Monday, 22 September 2008

back and better

Well, that was quite a break I took. I have been a busy little knitter getting some bags ready for fall and hopefully a good stock for y'all to buy as christmas pressies, nudge nudge. I am coming up on being 6 full months pregnant and feeling pretty enormous these days. 

I must confess I read Tricia Royal's latest blog over at bits and bobbins and shudde
red at what lies ahead of me. I can see that she has gained far more than what she is giving up. But for now, considering what I will 'gain' is currently just a mysterious bump for me, I'm feeling a little freaked about the unknown path that lies ahead. Excited, but nervous. 

Though I am definitely feeling more disciplined about getting stuff done before January 2nd comes along! (the predicted date of smudge's arrival). I recently moved all my 'steen ink stuff' out of the soon to be nursery, and took over an area in our living room for 'studio space'. It can look a little cluttered but having all my wo
ol, buttons, needles etc. staring at me keeps me on my toesies. 

We recently had the lovely Peter and Heather Kerr  stay with us for three weeks. The Kerr's are two thirds of the creative genius that is atto.  We had much fun talking, laughing, arguing, sipping whiskey n' vino tinto (as i watched), camping, swimming, cooking, watching scary movies and there was indeed much 'making' being done. Me and heather made some plushies, as seen above, and I had the great privilege of teaching Peter how to knit. No matter how much he may deny it later, he was very eager to learn at the time :o).
We ganged together with two other friends and celebrate the cinematic wonder that is 'the Big Lebowski'. We all dressed up as our favorite characters in the movie, went bowling (of course!) and returned to our abode to drink white russians and watch the movie. 

Upon their leaving I got to thank Heather for making me my super lovely blog/store banner by giving her a custom designed bag with a big lightning bolt on it. 
Doesn't she look happy. 

Monday, 23 June 2008

I'm gonna be a mum!!

Yes! It is true! I am knocked up, up the duff, expecting, with child, there is a bun in my oven.

Our embryonic parasite has thus been named 'Smudge'.

It is hard to know where to begin. An important factoid for you to know is that until we realized my 'knocked up' state, we believed we were unable to have children naturally.

We had become pretty content and even happy about that. I have never considered myself a particularly maternal person and I don't really find myself going 'gooey' over the site of babies (although this has already begun to change!). I have surprised myself, and surprised Shane, at how quickly I have adjusted to the idea of being a Mum. We find ourselves talking a lot about what kind of parents we want to be. What we want to pass on. What mistakes we most want to avoid. How we will show our kid our love etc.

I must admit when I first found out, I spent a week completely freaking out about how much weight I was gonna gain, and if I would ever wear a bikini again. I feel I was finally happy with my body and now it was all gonna change! But I am managing to pack my vanity away most of the time and focus on other things. I already feel like most of my clothes don't fit me anymore. I will be pleased when I actually LOOK pregnant and not just like I have a chubby stomach. I'm finding myself wearing a lot of dresses over jeans.

Considering we were certain we couldn't get pregnant without assistance, we have never used birth control and I had no reason to take note of my menstrual cycle etc. Which means that we are pretty clueless at figuring out exactly how pregnant we are. We have our first scan scheduled on the 24th of July so we will have a clearer idea then.

I am finding myself getting incredibly mushy about parent-child relations in movies and we have been collecting some music that has significance for our Smudge.

Here is a mini muxtape playlist with a few of them:
smudge's playlist
(shane has a good wee cry when he hears the track titled 'things').

Thursday, 22 May 2008

I'm not dead!

my online presence has faded in the last month. LOTS has been going on. Stuff I will be blogging about in the next few weeks. Meanwhile, I have a tv interview on monday!! ahhh what to wear!!???! I'll be 'promoting' (more like stammering and turning bright red) about a great film organisation that I am volunteering with:

Monday, 21 April 2008

A real jammy time.

My lovely and ridiculously talented friend Heather Sloane Kerr designed me a scrumptious banner for my etsy shop. I have posted it on my blog as well, Isn't it full of wonder! I love it. I have asked her to change the little tag to 'special handmade goodness' to include my other non-knitted stuff.

Here is a little pic I found of us hanging with Heather and Peter a few years ago. :o( It makes me miss them. Sniff Sniff. Darn Atlantic Ocean of separation.

I have been doing a lot of sewing these days. I think it is because wool feels too heavy to work with on these lovely Spring days. So this is the new little craze I have developed for my shop. Ready for my pitch? here we go:

These little brooches/hairpins reminded me of those yummy UK biscuits jammie_dodgers so I have nicknamed them thus.

They look really cute pinned in your hair, on a cardi, skirt or bag.

Here are the vital stats for this particular one:

vintage green fabric
purple sparkly button
lace trim
backed in felt
with a brooch clasp and bobby pin.

It is possible to to slide the bobby pin out when you don't want it or you wanna replace it with another bobby.

And look at how lovely they are all packaged and ready to gift!

I would really appreciate if all you lovely people would spread the jammie_dodger word out there. I would love these little cuties to take of in a big way. And I don't see why not.

Today I noticed the sun was shining and there was zero breeze so I have been sunbathing in the first items of clothing I could find that would warrant a generous coverage of tan. Can you see my discomfort in the photo! It is amazing how one could hide ones 'muffin tops' with a pinch at the back. I am speaking hypothetically of course ;o)

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Fashion Apathy

Considering my last post was all a positive spin on my geographical position, I've decided to have a little rant about the negatives. Actually it is mostly one thing that bugs me. I think it is safe to say that the city of Saint John, New Brunswick, is not the most fashionable city on the planet. It may in fact be pretty safe to assume that it is the least fashionable city on the planet.

There is definitely something charming about the complete apathy towards fashion here. For example there is NO irony involved in any lumberjack style that you may spot in New Brunswick. It is pretty easy to stand out, which is nice. So I don't get 'style intimidation' that frequently. The down side of that however, is that there is a serious lack on inspiration for me. This is one of the reasons I am enjoying wardrobe remix so much. I have been forced to find my muses online instead of on 'da street'.

New Brunswick is, and always has been, a poor province. Therefore it is really tricky to find good thrift clothes. Value Village has a little to offer in the clothing dept, but the maritime phenomenon Guy's Frenchys (a thrift store chain) can sometimes surprise me. Part of the reason for that could be because lots of the items from Frenchys come from the States. Trouble is, the items are all relatively new, not much in the vintage realm.

Anyway, I have been considering the prospect of running some sort of 'Saint John Style' feature on my blog. Doing something like face hunter but on a miniscule scale. Though I just don't know if I would have enough material to make it worthwhile**. Plus it would mean I would actually have to venture into the 'city' once in a while.

** I feel I should probably note that i know a lot of people who dress well here. It isn't that people don't know how to look good. But if you are looking edge, experimentation, vintage charm or breaking conventional rules with fashion, New Brunswick is ever so slightly behind Soho ;o)

And on that note, I shall invite you to have a wee looksie at the pictures I took of my items for my etsy shop. I wanted the shop to have a continual feel, so I shot all the items with the same dotty wrapping paper background. It might be a little too girly for me, but it will work for now.

A Year Ago Tomorrow

First of all, a big thanks to those uber cool sisters at painfully hip for featuring me again in their 'thrift stars of the day'. Thanks for mentioning my blog too! I feel verrry flattered :o) Here was the wardrobe that brought me my fame ;o)

As of tomorrow we will have been in Canada for a year! Here is a little catch up for those who are new to me and aren't sure what our story is.

Shane and I are from Belfast, Ireland . When I graduated from my degree in 2006 we decided to sell everything we owned and take off traveling. We booked a flight to Vancouver and planned to backpack all the way to the tip of South America. A week into our trip we discovered that North America is NOT set up for backpacking. So we decided to splurge and by transport that we could sleep in too. We bought a mini-van chucked out the back seat, laid down our sleeping bag and this was our home for the next 9 months (4 months in Canada, 5 in the States).
Enjoying the sunset at the remote Big Bend National Park, West Texas.

On our trip we fell in love with Canada, we were utterly homesick for it the moment we crossed over the border. to the States We loved the wide open spaces, the slower pace of life, the breathtaking landscape and the amazingly friendly people.
Banff National Park, oh Canada.

Fast Forward - we returned from our trip to partake in some further education. Shane was to do a PhD at Kings College London, and I was going to train in law at the College of Law, London (this is what got me passionate about law). As we roamed around London, looking for a place to live, we felt claustrophobic, daunted by the rat race and overwhelmed by the cost of living. We very quickly (within days) decided this was not for us. And what better time to step out and live our dream of moving to Canada? We booked a flight and left London as fast as we could. We chose to lay down roots in New Brunswick, the most overlooked province (what can I say? we are Irish, we love the underdog). It is breathtakingly beautiful here, spacious and friendly.The road to Fredericton, NB
(we saw a baby bear on this road once)

We already had some great friends here that we met on our trip, and that circle has blossomed in the last year. We used the inheritance money I got from my mum to buy our beautiful little house with a stunning view and we renovated it big time and furnished it with yard sale furniture.
The view form our living room!
the fog hovers over the river in the morning sometimes

So one year later, we are living in pennies and still unable to work. But we don't regret this decision one bit. We are still in love with the little spot on the earth that we call ours. And we are part of a caring community that know how to party. With some friends

** apologies for the length of this blog! I tried to liven it up with lots of pics :o) Just feeling a little reflective today.

Tonight I am getting together with my peeps to watch the masterpiece that is Donnie Darko for the umpteenth time. I will never grow tired of it!

Friday, 11 April 2008

The Secret Society of Gingers

I have been wanting to write about this for a while. Though it will be hard to cram all I want to say about the trials, tribulations and joy of being a redhead in one go. I think it may be the first of a series.

Ginger , copper nopper, carrot top, rusty brain the list goes on. These were a few of the names the average redheaded kid gets thrown at them. I cannot express how much I haaaateeed my hair growing up. I haaaaaaatttttttttteeeeeeeeed it. I used to beg my mum to let me dye it a different colour, but she would never let me. She told me that she didn't understand, that I was the envy of everyone and that I would have to stick with it for now and that I'd like it when I was older.

There seems to be a kind of solidarity between redheads. Perhaps it is the persecution we recieve early on that unites us, but anytime I see a natural redhead I seem to give them a nod. It is a little bit comparable with the feeling Mac users get when they see another person using a Mac.

I have always been a bit obsessive over any redhaired female celbrity. I was addicted to My So Called Life. I loved looking at pictures of Tori Amos but my most fav redhead has to be...Karen Elson.

It was only a few years ago that us redheads seemed to be truly welcomed by the fashion industry. Now we seem to be a pretty regular occurrance in the pages of vogue. My old hairdresser in the UK used to cut Elson's hair in the old days when she had no eyebrows (that is my claim to fame ;o).

Instead of boring you with the reasons for my Elson adoration, I will let you have some time with her yourself: