Monday, 27 June 2011


It has been a crazy [1.5 years] few months here at Chez Steen. Filled with more febrile convulsions - 4 collectively (Finch decided to join that club too, I can hardly believe it), a minor car accident with big financial consequences, a dog bite, molly 's first ever nightmares and countless other things that seem minor on paper but when they all come one after the other leave me feeling spread way too thin. The sort of things that don't co-exist comfortably along with the social life a single girl needs in order to maintain sanity. You know the things, dinner with friends, going out dancing till your feet hurt and...well, dating. I am still very much a novice in the latter department but I am learning through trial and error!

I am trying to hold all the above things in balance and realise that I miss out on stopping long enough to reflect and collate my thoughts. I miss writing on this blog. I am really going to try to find more time for it.
P.S. a year ago today I wrote this post, so so glad I am living in happier times. Here comes 28!