Monday, 31 March 2008


rear view
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A few days ago I decided to start taking care of myself. By 'taking care of myself' I mean the following things:
take make-up of at night
drink water instead of aspartane d.c. all the time
brush teeth with more vigor


They are probably the vital basics for most people, but I have always been pretty sloppy when it comes to anything that takes a bit of discipline before I reap the benefit. I prefer the instant results attained by make-up and wardrobe. But my sloppiness is catching up with me - or that is how it feels. So I've been trying to think longer term for personal care. I had even been considered getting an anti-aging cream.

Then this morning, a girl I barely know, but like (and who earns instant kudos for being a girl called toby), tells me that she has some bags of cosmetics that she want's to give me. Turns out she has allergies and is getting rid of all of her...wait for it...CLINIQUE! gasp, I have never owned pricey makeup/cosmetics before!

It feels like Christmas, this afternoon I displayed all these lovely delights out in front of me. Shane was laughing at me because I had the biggest grin on my face. I divided them into 3 piles:
+ makeup
+ daily facials
+ pamper nights

Tonight as I was washing my face with my uber fancy facial soap I suddenly longed to be able to call up my mum and tell her about it. And for a split second I forgot that I couldn't. She would have liked to have heard about it. She would have been impressed.

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

I am returning to this world...

SO it seems that I lost my groove a bit with all the adventure created by flooding basements and broken backs. For a while there I couldn't even think about picking up my knitting needles. It was great to sell all those items a few weeks back, but it became a little overwhelming to think of how much work I needed to do to get my shop stocked up like it was before. Ya hear me?

But I am getting back into the swing of things, my back is feeling much better and I felted a few bags yesterday. I am working with a lot of neutral colors at the moment. I just felted the over-the-shoulder bag in the pic yesterday.

Okay that is all for now, much more exciting posts to come. I pwooomise.

Monday, 17 March 2008

St. Paddy day

We had a great party on Saturday for St. Patrick's day. We had green food dye for the drinks, green balloons, an awesome playlist of our fav music from the homeland and we even pinned up signs with Ulster sayings on them.

I had been working all day on getting the house pretty for the party and 30 minutes before the first group arrived I totally threw my back out leaning down to take my boot of! Since then I haven't been able to sit down without help, or get dressed without help. So shane is my humble servant.

Anyway, I thought I would commemorate my Irish celebrations with some videos of my favorite Belfast artists.

The first two videos are Duke Special and Neil hannon (from the Divine Comedy) sharing the limelight. I grew up listening and watching live performances from the artist now known as Duke Special. I even remember over ten years ago hearing him in a terrible christian dance band - tragic. The Duke has an incredible voice and seems to have really found his identity as Duke Special.

Both Duke and Hannon grew up in religious enviroments and whilst breaking out of the traditional conventions this influence comes across in their music. I think this one is a cover of an old hymn.

The next video is Foy Vance. When you just listen to his voice you'd be surprised to see that is a white boy. Amazing soul sound. I used to listen to him play to a tiny audience of me and my friends every tuesday in a little cafe. He'd often come sit down and chat with us. Very down to earth. He has now relocated to London and his tunes can be spotted in the Greys anatomy soundtrack!

And the last one really needs no introductions. Except to say that years ago I had the privilege of seeing Glen Hansard singing in the small Auntie Annies bar and he was phenomenal. Well done Glen for striking it big! Watch the movie Once, it will make you cry cry cry.
Watch him singing at the oscars here.

Friday, 14 March 2008

Sale City!

birdy mosaic
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Yayyy, I have made 7 sales in the last week!! If I kept that up regularly this would actually be a job!! Meanwhile my shop is looking empty, so I gotta get listing. I have some bags here awaiting their final embellishing.

I discovered that my wardrobe choices have been featured twice on the 'ever-so-cool' website !! Shucks, thanks guys. I now look at my closet in a whole new light. I must admit getting dressed in the mornings is taking a little longer! (much to the dismay of Shane) But it is much more fun.

I am distracted today as we are having a St. Paddy's day party this saturday and I have to make the house presentable. I still have to stock up on some green food dye and download some good irish gigs.

Last night I went to my friend Katie's baby shower (my first ever baby shower). I made these little birdies for them to hang in their nursery. I still haven't got a power converter to make my UK sewing machine work over here, so they are hand-stitched, don't look too closely, my sewing skills leave much room for improvement. I stuffed the birds with grocery bags! well, it worked. And the little hanging tags are finely crocheted cotton with a cute little sparkly bead. I think I may make a few for my shop. What'd'ya think?

Monday, 10 March 2008

My very own Steen Ink bag

I made this bag way back in early fall, it took me fooorevver. In fact, it was such a traumatic process that I buried it in the back of my closet and vowed never to look at it again. But last week I got the idea to sew on some lace to it and draw it in at the top (so it didn't look so shapeless). And tada, here it is. I haven't yet sewn on the lace, it is just pinned on here.

I am always being told that I should have one of my own bags on me all the time, as a kind of advertisement, but every time I make one that I love I think I would prefer to sell it and get some money. But I think this bag may just be there perfect size and color for me. hmm.

Things are troubled here, the other night we came home from a friends house at about midnight, I wanted to go check on some laundry in the basement, SO as I descended down the stairs I heard a SpLaSh when I reached the final step. yup, our basement flooded, big time. It was TERRIBLE, me and shane sat for a few hours scooping the water up with anything 'bucket like' we could find, the whole time I am sobbing at how much money it will cost to repair the damage.

In the morning the water had obviously found a way out and drained away, we have the heat up high down there to dry things out and a friend lent us their dehumidifier too. Someone is coming to look at things this week. fingers crossed it is a tiny tiny problem....

Thursday, 6 March 2008

work work work

I am feeling a little Blah today. We got our yearly property tax bill in the mail today and so I am having money stresses. Well I shall channel my stress and knit knit knit. I thought you might enjoy this little picture of me and my big puppy gretchen. She is a lovable big scruff.

I made this tropical bag today:

Monday, 3 March 2008

cherry blossom bag

March 3rd 08.
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Considering I wasn't doing too good with 'fashion friday' I have shifted my focus to the flickr group 'wardrobe_remix'. This is my my contribution for today.

pink blouse - vintage thrift store
pistacio sweater (with little white poka-dots on the arms shoulders and collar) - handed down from my mum.

Grey vest (underneath) - American Apparel
Skinny Jeans - cant remember

Shoes - Buffalo 'guddies'
Bag - made by me
hair pin - made by me
Necklace - made by me !

I am holding a bag I made the other day, I just listed it. I am so happy with the embroidery, It took me a long time but was well worth it. I LOVE blossom trees, I just wish the snow would melt and I could see some in real life!