Thursday, 28 February 2008

When will the snow melt!!

..And stop falling!!

I am SO tired of winter. This weekend we are going to a 'beach party', to celebrate the first day of spring. There will be snow on the ground and the river will still be frozen rock solid. BUT there will be swimwear and there will be fun.

It is day 3 of my design-a-day challenge. Doily Delia was Day 1. and The little pink number below was day two and I am still working on todays. I think I will make a brooch, something quick, tomorrow I should have another bag ready for completion.

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Partaking in the Challenge

I seem to be stumbling across the 'design a day' challenge everywhere these days. So I have taken the hint and submitted myself to the task.

For a month I will have a complete creation every day. Gone are the days of getting tangled up in web marketing junk, or working on multiple designs that never see completion or refining the fine art that is procrastination (I should have a Ph.D. in procrastination).

I made a chart that I have to cross of every day and I have it above my little work station. Todays contribution is sitting on the desk, it is 'Doily Delia the French Maid Bag' - a little black and white number that has been in the creating process for way too long. BUT today Is a new day, and today Doily Delia became a complete creation and I am waiting for Shane to come home and take some yummy pictures so I can list her tonight.

Monday, 18 February 2008

i knit at parties

i knit at parties
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yes I do. This is a picture of me working away at a house party this weekend.

Well I finally got my sale started, there may be a few more items to arrive in the next few days. I had a busy weekend and didn't get as many cozies as I'd have liked made. Oh and I got a totally gross day today for pictures, so the photies aren't so great.

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Winter Sale ! 18th-24th of Feb!!

From Monday 18th of February to Sunday the 24th I will have some lovely winter cozies on sale.

I have a bunch of neck warmers and scarfs that I never got listed in time at the start of Winter....So, in order to make room for some new spring stock, all the winter treats will have 20-25% of for this limited time only.

So Start Saving Some Pennies for a Shopping Spree on Monday!

Fingers crossed we get a nice day tomorrow so I can take tasty pictures of these woolen delights.

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

sniff sniff, achoo, cough, cough, boo, hoo,

Custom bag - Blue Feather
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Yup I have been looooaded with the cold this last week. lets just say that I am not the most stoic when it comes to cold, I think I must suffer from the 'man cold'.

But I did manage to FINALLY finish of this custom baggy.
ya like?

Thursday, 7 February 2008

An all knitted music video

over 700 frames in this knitted animated video (knitimation?) for Quebec band. Pretty song too.

What delight!

Last night I checked my email and saw I had my regular email from the 'etsy success mailing list' - giving me lots of juicy weekly tips on becoming a better Etsian. As I scrolled down I saw a familiar site, Me and one of my baggies! - yup someone chose my Mocha Bird Bag as an example of 'telling stories with an image'. THANKS!

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

fun times

I have been having fun times lately, I had a great girls night out, followed by a great party the next day. Then lovely friends treated to us a meal and then a great day spent with my friend Deb getting her all set up for etsy success. Deb makes beautiful tatted lace and rug hooked products, both dying arts I might add. Her shop is here and it will have lots of lacey delights in the next few days. Here are some pics of all the fun.