Sunday, 22 January 2012

Remember me? the not so faithful blogger has returned. Sorry for all the radio silence. I was busy all of December with all those crazy December things and then right slap bang on Christmas day we began a month long marathon of sickness. I scoffed down my Christmas dinner to the sound of Finchums screaming and Molly into a 'boke bucket'. Not very merry. With the coughing came the sleep deprivation and with the sleep deprivation came the grumpiness. Then all three of us got the mother of all eye infections which was horrendous and to top it all off, just as we were nearly better....chickenpox for Molly!

There have been many moments over the last 4-6 weeks that I wanted to sit down and right a blog, but it would have been terribly gloomy. Now that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and I'm getting more than 1 hour blocks of sleep in the night, I realise that perhaps life isn't really that bad.

In other news, shortly before Christmas I got myself an iPhone. Swooooon, I am in love. Here is a sampling of the 50 billion instagram photos I take everyday.