Monday, 22 September 2008

back and better

Well, that was quite a break I took. I have been a busy little knitter getting some bags ready for fall and hopefully a good stock for y'all to buy as christmas pressies, nudge nudge. I am coming up on being 6 full months pregnant and feeling pretty enormous these days. 

I must confess I read Tricia Royal's latest blog over at bits and bobbins and shudde
red at what lies ahead of me. I can see that she has gained far more than what she is giving up. But for now, considering what I will 'gain' is currently just a mysterious bump for me, I'm feeling a little freaked about the unknown path that lies ahead. Excited, but nervous. 

Though I am definitely feeling more disciplined about getting stuff done before January 2nd comes along! (the predicted date of smudge's arrival). I recently moved all my 'steen ink stuff' out of the soon to be nursery, and took over an area in our living room for 'studio space'. It can look a little cluttered but having all my wo
ol, buttons, needles etc. staring at me keeps me on my toesies. 

We recently had the lovely Peter and Heather Kerr  stay with us for three weeks. The Kerr's are two thirds of the creative genius that is atto.  We had much fun talking, laughing, arguing, sipping whiskey n' vino tinto (as i watched), camping, swimming, cooking, watching scary movies and there was indeed much 'making' being done. Me and heather made some plushies, as seen above, and I had the great privilege of teaching Peter how to knit. No matter how much he may deny it later, he was very eager to learn at the time :o).
We ganged together with two other friends and celebrate the cinematic wonder that is 'the Big Lebowski'. We all dressed up as our favorite characters in the movie, went bowling (of course!) and returned to our abode to drink white russians and watch the movie. 

Upon their leaving I got to thank Heather for making me my super lovely blog/store banner by giving her a custom designed bag with a big lightning bolt on it. 
Doesn't she look happy. 


Hailey @ said...

Nice to see you, yes I am sure you life will be getting very hectic. :-) so exciting!

Missa said...

You never know, you may be one of those lucky ones who gets an "easy baby"... I didn't, but don't let that stop you from hoping because I do know people who have had them, so they do exist! Tricia is getting the worst of it right now but after a few months it DOES get better :)

The plushies are super cute and I love the lightning bolt bag. The new banner looks AWESOME! Good luck to you!