Sunday, 21 December 2008

Molly Joan Magee - the most beautiful girl in the world

On December 4th I gave birth to this stunning little creature
I do want to write up some kind of 'birth story' at some point. But right now, i'm just too busy staring at, feeding, changing, bathing and all together caring for my daughter (!!! oh I love how that sounds! 'my daughter'!!).

In brief, molly came a month early as her mummy (that's me!) was very sick with a thing called pre-eclampsia. Shane sat by my bedside through the whole long process blogging from his iphone. I doubt I could write the birth story better than him, so if you're interested you might like to have a wee read of his account of it all, start here and work your way forward. 


Eyeliah @ said...

I read thru your all those posts yesterday. I am so sorry you had to go thru all that and so happy it's all worked out! She is stunning mama!

Milla said...

She's so lovely. I'm glad you're both okay, and happy! Merry Christmas to the whole family.♡♡♡

annah-logue said...

i've just read the whole of Shane's account, and i was in tears half the time. i am so, so glad that all three of you are home and safe now.
have a wonderful, wonderful christmas as a full and beautiful family.

god bless.

annah-logue said...

merry christmas to all of you. here's a card!

La Fée said...

She's beautiful! You must be so proud :)

Pretty Little Pictures said...

Wow, what an amazing story, i'm so glad you're both doing well :) Happy New Year!

Faith said...

Hey Alli,
Its Faith
Molly is soooo Cute!! :-)
I miss you!!


disa said...