Sunday, 6 September 2009

basement begins

These last few months I have been heavily engrossed in basement rennovations. The whole place was gutted and built from new. With much help from a good friend I laid all the click flooring myself! For me, this deserves an exclamation point, I'm normally the least DIY person ever. But with oodles of inspiration from Design Sponge, I am really enjoying my dabbling in the 'handy' world. I'm obsessed with home decor lately and can't pass a decorating magazine without snooping through it.

Coming from the UK, I'm continually surprised by basements. I can't believe how massive our house feels now, just a few months ago it felt cramped and crowded by all my junk. We now have our master bedroom in the basement, I couldn't resist moving our bed down here, we have enough space for a little sitting area, a little sink vanity and GET THIS PEOPLE, a Walk. In. Closet. YES, my dreams have come true!!!

I scored some lovely second hand couches and moved our tv down to the, herby named, family room, with plenty of room for Molly to crawl about (yes, she is now crawling!)

Everything is still in transition, I have a bit more painting to do and a lot of organizing. Until then..