Friday, 11 April 2008

The Secret Society of Gingers

I have been wanting to write about this for a while. Though it will be hard to cram all I want to say about the trials, tribulations and joy of being a redhead in one go. I think it may be the first of a series.

Ginger , copper nopper, carrot top, rusty brain the list goes on. These were a few of the names the average redheaded kid gets thrown at them. I cannot express how much I haaaateeed my hair growing up. I haaaaaaatttttttttteeeeeeeeed it. I used to beg my mum to let me dye it a different colour, but she would never let me. She told me that she didn't understand, that I was the envy of everyone and that I would have to stick with it for now and that I'd like it when I was older.

There seems to be a kind of solidarity between redheads. Perhaps it is the persecution we recieve early on that unites us, but anytime I see a natural redhead I seem to give them a nod. It is a little bit comparable with the feeling Mac users get when they see another person using a Mac.

I have always been a bit obsessive over any redhaired female celbrity. I was addicted to My So Called Life. I loved looking at pictures of Tori Amos but my most fav redhead has to be...Karen Elson.

It was only a few years ago that us redheads seemed to be truly welcomed by the fashion industry. Now we seem to be a pretty regular occurrance in the pages of vogue. My old hairdresser in the UK used to cut Elson's hair in the old days when she had no eyebrows (that is my claim to fame ;o).

Instead of boring you with the reasons for my Elson adoration, I will let you have some time with her yourself:


Anonymous said...

I love your red hair! My older sis has red naturally curly hair which she HATED as a kid and although I think she has grown to like the colour, the frizz is hard to deal with! I have boring brown straight hair and have always been jealous of her locks (just like she has always wanted my hair!)! I've dyed mine many times to the same colour as hers! Go redheads!

Anonymous said...

I have always wanted red hair. I am insanely pale and I should have had red hair with my complexion and eyes!!! You have no idea how lucky you are! My hair is just brown. Though, i have grown to love and embrace my difference:)

WendyB said...

I think Karen is fabulous.

princessmillatwoshoes said...

"Turn up your nose at redheads! What ignorance! I pity your lack of taste!" Mark Twain via Laura Barton for the Guardian
Red hair is awesome.

Elisabeth said...

Wow, she's so gorgeous and her hair is just fabulous!

alli magee said...

Thanks for the comments everyone. Especially the Mark Twain comment 'princess..' Always good to have a Mark Twain quote to back up a thesis :o)

Anonymous said...

Haha, how funny! I hated my red hair growing up too. I wanted to be Olivia Newton-John. My mother would not allow me to dye it. In my ignorant adolescence I tried regular house hold peroxide and when that didn't work I tried Clorox bleach...all it did was dry my hair out..When I finally had the opportunity as an adult to highlight my hair, I hated it! I love my redhair and wouldn't change it for anything now!

Sonja said...


How do you feel about dyed red hair?

You see I have dyed mine to a natural red tint, but I sometimes wonder if the "natural redheads" scoff at me when they glance at my head.

I love the color on me though.

alli magee said...

okay mental note, 'don't use household bleach in hair' , thanks rain!!

sonja - 'imitation is the sincerest form of flattery' (mark twain). So I welcome the dyed gingers into my arms :o)

The thing I hate is when natural redheads go blonde to be more commercial. I shun thee Lindsay Lohan.

annah said...

this post made my day!
i used to be bullied loads for being ginger...chairs thrown at my head, arms being twisted around...or maybe they just plain DIDN'T like me.
I still get random insults in the street sometimes, but now i;ve come to terms with it, i love being ginger.
so many people say they'd love to be redhead.


Anastasia said...

yay for natural redheads!!!
My mum would never let me dye mine either... and i know her argument still stands so i do not dare =)

Anonymous said...

i'm 17 and i'm a natural redhead.
when i was little i hatehatehated being the only freckled & redheaded girl. it was bright red too!
but as i've gotten older, my hair's gotten a little darker...still red, but not BRIGHT. it's more of a light auburn. i still have the freckles...but now i love them.
the boys who teased me now ask me out. and the blondes/brunettes who i envied now envy me :)
and even though i'm 17, walking down the street will result in guys in their 20's/30's turning around to smile wink or make a comment to me.
gotta love the attention we all get!

and bottled redheads can be spot from a MILE away.
they will never be true redheads...they haven't had to grow up with the sh*t we've all gotten.

;) <3

Amanda said...

i find it sooo strange that in the uk being "ginger" is such a horrible thing - here in the states it's more of a special rarity. my son is a ginger and when we're in the states he has people literally cross the street to admire his hair and coo about him and his "gorgeous" locks! but when we're in the uk (my son is a half-brit) he gets stares and under-the-breath mumbling. makes me not want to move back to the uk (for his sake!)

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Anonymous said...

im 18 years old male, and im a ginger i have orange hair well use to be much more bright then it is now, more or less an auburn colour now, im a newfie (newfoundland, canada) raised here all my life, got hell for what i looked like growing up, i was the shortest, the fatest, the only one in my class that was left handed, but like now people admire my red hair, like i love being a ginger yes but obvously with all the beat downs i got for lookin like i do i still dont like the way i look. but ya, lost all my weight got taller, anyways just great to get some of this out there to people who would understand

Anonymous said...

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Jesus Demetris Zeus said...

For all Redheads

Be proud of your heritage. Soon there will be a lot demanded of you.

You are not Celts. Celts or Keltae are Proto-Europeans of Central Europe, nicknamed so by the Nordic Danaans. The nickname means 'horseshoe smiths' (may be derogatively). They were the first to shoe chariot horses and they are also the best construction engineers. (See references below or attached)

Redheads are the pure descendants of Adam. ('Adam' is a Chaldean word meaning 'Redhead'. The Adamite (Ionian Greek) equivalent is 'Phoenix'). You are the last and superior race on the planet. This is why you will be called upon soon to handle very serious responsibilities.

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Anonymous said...

Long live gingers! My brother, sister and I are all red heads. My two sweet daughters are also gingers. We like to bug our friends that some day gingers will be their master! Makes the above comment very funny!