Monday, 21 April 2008

A real jammy time.

My lovely and ridiculously talented friend Heather Sloane Kerr designed me a scrumptious banner for my etsy shop. I have posted it on my blog as well, Isn't it full of wonder! I love it. I have asked her to change the little tag to 'special handmade goodness' to include my other non-knitted stuff.

Here is a little pic I found of us hanging with Heather and Peter a few years ago. :o( It makes me miss them. Sniff Sniff. Darn Atlantic Ocean of separation.

I have been doing a lot of sewing these days. I think it is because wool feels too heavy to work with on these lovely Spring days. So this is the new little craze I have developed for my shop. Ready for my pitch? here we go:

These little brooches/hairpins reminded me of those yummy UK biscuits jammie_dodgers so I have nicknamed them thus.

They look really cute pinned in your hair, on a cardi, skirt or bag.

Here are the vital stats for this particular one:

vintage green fabric
purple sparkly button
lace trim
backed in felt
with a brooch clasp and bobby pin.

It is possible to to slide the bobby pin out when you don't want it or you wanna replace it with another bobby.

And look at how lovely they are all packaged and ready to gift!

I would really appreciate if all you lovely people would spread the jammie_dodger word out there. I would love these little cuties to take of in a big way. And I don't see why not.

Today I noticed the sun was shining and there was zero breeze so I have been sunbathing in the first items of clothing I could find that would warrant a generous coverage of tan. Can you see my discomfort in the photo! It is amazing how one could hide ones 'muffin tops' with a pinch at the back. I am speaking hypothetically of course ;o)


Hailey @ said...

love to see a group of teethy smiles (= happiness).

Heather said...

AGH! I look like a tube - I should not wear hats haha!