Sunday, 16 November 2008

6 weeks to go, but who's counting?

let me start by declaring, in just under 7 weeks I am going to be a mother and I have never changed a diaper! 

A great friend is throwing us a lovely unisex (phew) baby shower on Thursday the 27th. If you want to be there, contact me and I can pass on directions and times. 

Our registry is at toysRus (Saint John location, or, listed under Shane Magee. I have tried to keep the list pretty small, with some of the bigger things that I know we will need. When it comes to clothing and toys, I thought I would leave it up to the gift giver (though we have plenty of sleepers, no need for more of them).  Now this is the important part:

We both feel very strongly about the importance of reusing and recycling. So if you do happen to see, or have, a registry item  (or item that is similar but a different brand etc.) second hand please let me know and I will remove it from the official list and considered it bought. 

We welcome and indeed encourage used/vintage/second hand/loved (however you want to call it) gifts.  Baby items are so temporary, it seems such a waste to spend a ton of money on items that are readily available second hand (and very often barely used and in perfect condition!).  

A big thank you in advance and thanks already to those who have given us lovely lovely things and of course those who have lavished us with lovely lovely love.  This is an exciting and scary adventure we are about to embark on. We both feel so excited and nervous to meet our little kid! I hope s/he likes us! 


Eyeliah @ said...

Oh wow - you are getting so close!

Anonymous said...

How are you two. Three?