Monday, 20 October 2008

as promised, my thrifty finds

I haven't yet had full success with thrift store shopping here in New Brunswick. I do love Value Village but find it pretty expensive (for thrift). And then there is Frenchy's which I have talked about before. One of my gripes with Frenchy's is that it doesn't have much, if any, vintage items. A lot of people love it for that very reason, they like that their isn't a whole lot of items your granny wore 'back in the day' and appreciate a recognizable high quality label. (I was recently told that I haven't actually been to a 'real Frenchys' and have been promised a little shopping spree to one of the best in Oromocto, about an hour north of me. )

I frequent some lovely thrifting blogs from the likes of Missa at ThriftCandy and Rhiannon at Liebemarlene Vintage and also lust after the uber cute wardrobe remixes of SunshineUpton (someone who I would love to have a nice cup of tea with). I would love to say that they inspire me, however I usually end up frustrated that I can't find the same vintage delights here.  


We took a trip down to Maine This week and I popped into a few thrift stores. Albeit most of thrifty purchases wont be worn till I lose my baby bump, but I was fully satisfied with a shmorgesboard of floral, lacy, loveliness:

this photo doesn't really do them justice. The lilac dress is gonna look so cute with some burgundy tights and the shoes sitting beneath it. I plan on teaming the tunic up with some skinny jeans (alas! If I ever fit them again!) and a chunky brown belt. 
I'm mostly excited about wearing this skirt up high as a top/dress.  Though I think it could work as a skirt too.
This skirt will look with great with some rosy pink cheeks and I just couldn't resist the 60's dress. All I need is a lemon yellow cardi, a beehive and a cute baby under my arm!
Last but not least, I love this 70's blanket, perfect for throwing over my knee when watching a movie.   What I love most is that nearly all these items cost a $1 each! 


Milla said...

I heartily approve of all the flowery goodness!
And what great shoes.
(and I've had feed issues before, I thought I fixeded it but obviously not. I shall look into it)

Hailey @ said...

first dress is divine, love these finds. I wish I had a $1 thrift store!! awesome.