Sunday, 23 August 2009

Lebowski Fest 2009

Taking Quispamsis by storm. All 4.5 of us.

On Friday night we (us and two of our good friends) got together to celebrate our 2nd Lebowski Fest (Here is last years effort). We donned ourselves in our Lebowski garb and roamed the local bowling alley (and a rather embarrassing trip to the corner store) discussing superbly nerdy lebowski trivia and debating our favourite Dude-ism's

I chose to incarnate myself as Gutterball Maude. Here is what the real thing looks like:

And here is what I looked like.
How did you achieve such a costume? I hear you cry. Well, there was a LOT of gold spray paint involved. The fork was the easiest part, it's just a devil fork sprayed gold. The skirt was made from a plastic tablecloth, duct tape and lots of scissor work. For the bowling ball brazier I cut some floral foam in half, made some suitable dents with a wooden spoon, went mad with spray paint which made the foam sizzle somewhat worryingly...

** At which point I called into Shane from the deck "my boobs are disintegrating!", which, after nearly 9 months of Breast feeding, is probably closer to the truth than I care to share! **

Eventually the sizzling ceased and I strung 'em together with some gold ribbon and tada - a bowling ball brazier of maude-esque awesomeness! To top it of I spent two days hunting everywhere for a Viking hat and right up until the last minute I didn't know if I had one available to hire or not. So in a panic I grabbed myself a margarine tub, newspaper, duct tape and, yes, some gold spray paint and fashioned myself a viking hat.

By the end of the night my whole costume was looking a little tired. I think most of that had to do with the gold paint compromising the stickyness of the duct tape. But I soldiered on.

My other duty was to find something good for Molly. I decided to make her a Nihilist. You may not realize but it is reallllly hard to find a black baby onesie. So I ended up dying one of her pink ones (I am always happy to reduce the amount of pink in Mollypop's wardrobe!) and labelling her a nihilist with some fabric paint.
I plan on having a lot more fun with fabric paint in the future. Hopefully with a potato stamp next time like this:

For those of you who haven't already watched and re-watched the wonderfully brilliant The Big Lebowski: Stop being silly, go away right now and watch it!

Monday, 10 August 2009

Thrifty DecorBaby

Here is a little sneak peek at Molly's room. I plan on getting it all properly photographed and I DREAM of having it featured on Odeedoh. I won't hold my breath, but a girl can dream. It is mostly filled with thrifted finds, and, unintentionally, there is a lot of Dollar Store content in there too. I love to see what can be created on a teeny-tiny budget.

  • 'M' plushie - made with Dollar Store felt
  • Origami star - made with D S paper
  • Frame - thrited for $1 at a yard sale
  • Vintage dress on pink hanger - a gift from my MIL (aka Molly's Gran), who spied it at a Spanish market
  • Dress on yellow hanger - found this for $2 at Frenchy's (I think it's supposed to be a doll dress!)
  • Dress on green hanger - a gorgeous little denim number, gifted from a friend.
I splurged a bit for the hangers themselves. Couldn't resist.



Sunday, 9 August 2009


This was me headed out to a friends house to see the movie Rec. Or so i thought, there was too much fun being had, so we never got round to the movie. we did have some pretty in depth conversations about zombie related scenarios. In all seriousness, I obsess over what i'd do in the advent of a zombie attack. zombies are not a laughing matter people!!
jeans - tk maxx - ralph lauren (i've considered picking off the label but haven't ever bothered. i'm not a big fan of being branded)
slip - thrifted at value village, it's really long and opaque at the sides.
braided belt - winners waistcoat - topshop - it was a gift, it's pretty snug!
necklace - salvaged from a broken brooch of mum's hair pin - made by me.

Monday, 3 August 2009

summertime and the living is easy

We have had some shiny-shiny-sunshine these last few days. Thus we have been happily lounging on the beach and swimming. We have a public beach just five minutes from our house. It's been so nice to pack up a bag and go hang out under a shady tree, away from the housework, the renovations, the computer... I find we focus so much more on molly when we are all hanging out on a picnic blanket, we can bask in her laughter and marvel at every little expression. She's become a real pro and sitting up by herself, she has been able to do it in brief bouts for a few weeks, but now she is a total pro. It looks so grown up! TOO grown up!

As promised, I got some photos of the other dress I made. It is made from salvaged material. The flower embellishment is from a vintage handkerchief.