Friday, 4 January 2008

not today

Well it may be Friday but I am not feeling so fashionable. In the trend of bloggers like Dooce I will be brutally honest and just say that the ovary demons are visiting, so all I want to do is stay in my pj's and slippers and groan every now and then (ya understand me all you woman out there?).

I am glad for the clean slate of a new year. I feel I need it. It is probably due to my point of view right now but I can't help but feel that 2007 was a year of uncertainty, feeling lost, hurting etc. But I know someday I will be able to look back on it and see the good stuff too.

Bring it on 2008 I am ready for some silver linings.

We had the biggest snow the other day, it was wonderful. This is what greeted us when we opened our door in the morning.


Anonymous said...

Even beset by demons you are, as another poster commented, probably a model.

What shade green would you say this is?

I'm thinking, do I want this one, or do I want to wait to see if there wil be another colour later (much later even) or perhaps a second item I can't live without, so I can take advantage of the shipping savings for two items. If someone else buys, c'est la vie.

Such a good photographer you have.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh. Grassy. What a coincidence. Exactly the colour of my skin today. I think I have to let someone else be warm and cozy in this.

Next to my face I prefer colours more in the tones of your hair, or plums, or that blue of the other set, or dark boreal greens.

Do you know this place?