Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Movies, Maps and Journals

Last week we went to see ' Charlie Wilson's War ' , I would give it a very recommendable 4 out of 5, really great, though not quite as perfect as the wonderful 'Juno'. Anyway, at one point in Charlie Wilson's War, Wilson (played by Tom Hanks) draws a mental picture in the air of North West Asia, including the names and positions of all the countries (the ones I like to call the 'stans').

I was instantly jealous of this kind of knowledge, there are so many countries I don't even know exist, never mind their geographic position! I usually find myself sinking into my seat when I end up in a conversation that involves some sort of geographic understanding. So I have set myself a challenge to be able to draw a mental picture of the world, all the countries and their positions.

I have dusted of our Peters World Atlas (btw, the Peters projection is amazing, bin your old map and get this! read why here) and have begun the learning. I almost know all of Africa!

I made myself a new journal, I made it with all the blank pages in my old school books (telling isn't it?) and a page from a road map we have of the UK (wont be needing that anymore). I love the therapy a journal offers, I barely ever write about day to day things in it. I usually scribble, doodle, scrawl poetry, collage, etc. I have named it the 'fix me notebook' , it is my plea to the journal. I am glad to put the old one behind me (and so was Gretchen considering she expressed her true feelings for that account of history by chewing it up). I hand bound the journal with thread.

I had overdosed on knitting last week, So I am having fun with brooch ideas and jewelry this week.


Rosemary said...

I applaud your desire to learn to draw the world - I wish I had such determination. I remember that years ago, I stumbled across a book which could teach you to do such things - it is called "mapping the world by heart" I think. Or, maybe it's "drawing the world by heart" or something similar. Maybe you'd like to check it out?

Love your blog...

charliemotel said...


thankyou for your post- i really appreciate it. Cute shop by the way!

i guess i was just venting- today has just been one of those days where everything is wrong.

ugh- hopefully tomorrow will be brighter!


Zona said...

Good post.