Friday, 28 December 2007

Fashion Friday (3)

Well it is Friday again. I have to admit last night as I sat in my old tattered pj's and slippers I was somewhat dreading thinking fashionably. BUT fear not!

Yesterday me and Shane went to see Sweeney Todd, staring the very beautiful Johnny Depp. I LOVED the clothes in this movie and I noticed
ome of the lovely knits. I couldn't find a picture from the movie to show of the Neck Cozy as modelled by Depp. This was the best I could get

SO I got home last night and got knitting. I dressed myself today with a little bit Burton-esque charm. In this pic I am wearing two neck cozys. The petrol navy one is my fav and I will have a few of these for sale in my etsy shop over the next week.


Laura said...

Hey Alli! I don't know if you remember me (Rach's Sister Cities person from Arizona) but I just found your blog today! Your knits look SO cool!!! I'll definitely be checking back. I couldn't find a link to your etsy shop tho!!

smileymamaT said...

Love the cozies. I've made them in crochet for the kids before, but hadn't thought of selling them - yours are lovely and edgy. Like them a lot. And your photos too! Are you a model when you aren't crafting??

Very nice blog!

alli magee said...

hey laura! we find each other again :o)glad ya like me knitties.

the sidebar of this blog has a wee panel in it with my etsy items, if you just click on that it goes straight to the shop...hopefully!

Hey "T" I am still trying to get the hand of crochet. It is pretty daunting but people tell me it's a lot quicker than knitting. hmmm
and thanks for the compliment! the only modeling I am doing these days are for my husbands stock photography.

later peeps.

Laura said...

Hi again Alli! I was looking at steampunk stuff today and I was reminded of the outfit you wore in these pictures. I love it. I don't know if you're aware of steampunk, but it might be a good niche market for your products if you can get interested in it and make more Victorian-esque things like these neck cozies!