Thursday, 24 January 2008

Delilah Neck Lace

Delilah Neck Lace
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last night I dragged Shane out in the cold and snow to go hunting for crochet cotton and a fine crochet hook. and tada! - introducing Delilah....This was todays work. You like her? I loved modeling her for the photos, she feels so delicate and pretty and she brightens up the most boring outfit.

Oh yes I am proud of this one, now if only Etsy would speed up and my items would get snatched up quicker. It can get rather overwhelming when I think that I could work work work till my fingers fell of but I still need a buyer. I need to find ways of getting outside publicity. hmmm.

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onelittlemustardseed said...

Both ella and I are loving your pretty! Your so talented!