Monday, 7 January 2008

Lovely Brooch

Lovely Brooch
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I am trying to think of quick and affordable items that would sell fast for valentines day. hmmmmm. This is one of my experiments, It began it's life crocheted, then felted, then embroidered and finally embellished with a sparkley button. What do ya think?

A Valentines gift to remind your honey how lovely you think they are.

I want to make a nice card to pin it to and then print the world "you're" above the pin.


lotusc said...

Hi, i love it! i think it's lovely!

Crystal (the Micawber) said...

Awesome to hear from you Alli, and I have to agree that it's great to be in the company of a fellow NB Etsian. :)

Your creations are fantastic! I received some knitting materials from my lovely this I think this will be the year that I join the "Stitch n' Bitch" revolution! :P