Monday, 14 January 2008

It's another snow day

button revamping
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There is a storm coming, I secretly love storms (not that secret anymore). Today I am parading around the house in thermals, two sweaters, a big huge scarf and a hat.

Last night I started experimenting with a boring old white top I have, I am gonna cover the colar in buttons, yum.

I also listed a new bag today, it would be perfect for a valentines present.

Someday I will blog here about pricing. I have real problems with pricing. Since this is more than just a hobby for me I need to be giving myself a wage. The bags take a lot of time and work and it just drives me NUTS when I see someone list a felted bag for a ridiculously low price. It isn't doing anyone any favors. grrrrrrrr. let me at 'em.

anyway, I am confident that my bags are worth it. If I do say so myself.



Johane said...

I agree with the pricing issue. With the price of basic goods going up, it's hard to keep my own prices down. And when somebody comes and undercuts me on price...

Del said...

Hello, my name is Delia. I saw your photos in Flickr, very beautiful bags. They are worth a lot, the creativity is it more difficult to find, and you have it!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dahling! Ve haf ze same outfyt. I am alzo verring two zo chic neg peezes. Ooh.