Friday, 7 December 2007

meet Pontificate

Greetings, I'm the Pontificating Bag.

I was lovingly handknit in 80% wool from one of Canada's oldest woolen mills, Briggs and Little, In a lovely teal colour. Then I was felted (which 'felt' good and is perhaps what started my pontificating) to make me strong for all your lovely belongings.

I have been embroidered with a lovely cream tree, maybe it's a birch tree or perhaps it has been struck by lightning, which could explain why my tree has no leaves or fruit. Nothing except for a sweet and lovely little red bird. This little creature of flight is taking some time alone, perching in the tree, to mull over life, to pontificate.

I am of ample size. Together we could easily carry a notebook, glasses case, purse, a small camera and some other items. Just enough to take on a little afternoon pilgrimage me thinks. My measurements are: 10.5" wide at the top, 7.5" tall, my base is 3.5" deep and my straps are 6" high at their peak.

**Please feel free to take out a measuring tape and have a good think about what size I am**

I close together with a clicky-snappy-fastener. Finished beautifully with some pale blue cotton with white hearts (you'll understand when you see my picture). And I even have a fabric covered base to keep my shape.

I'm looking forward to our Pontificating Pilgrimages together.

Yours Expectantly



Bryn Robinson said...

Hi there!

Found your blog through the Red Whale blog, and just wanted to say that you do beautiful work - really funky and refreshing to see something different out there!

Best of luck with your shop!

Bryn Robinson

Anonymous said...

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