Saturday, 15 December 2007

Fashion Friday (1)

I'm introducing a new feature to the Steen Ink Blog, you excited?

A wee while ago I stumbled across the crafty blog of Klay Dough, she came up with the idea of
'fashion thursday' for those of us who make interesting fashion choices.' So I'm taking up the challenge, but I'm making it 'fashion friday', because I like alliteration (is that the right term?) and because I can't sleep and It's kinda still friday and I want something to do that isn't knitting.

I must confess, I am addicted to fashion, I'm a total fashion snob. I often (though not always) hate it when I see someone else with the same piece/style on, outside of Elle and Vogue* that is. I love experimenting, often I will open up a fashion magazine and point to a picture I like and say to myself 'tonight I'm gonna look like this'. I know that must sound totally vain, but, after spending over a decade absolutely
hating the way I look (and I can't stress that enough), I am finally taking pleasure in my appearance. The pendulum has swung. **though 'bad hair days', 'bad skin days' and 'does my bum look big in this' days still prevail :o) **

People often say to me 'I wish i could wear that, but I just can't pull it of', to this i reply "nonsense!". Because it is all about confidence, it's all about having big balls. Throw your head up high, Don't slouch and walk tall! And when I lose confidence myself, I usually have Shane to rehearse my speech back at me. Of course there are unwritten rules and tricks, but the most important thing is to have fun with your clothes and take risks.

So my first ever fashion friday is dedicated to me wonderful ol' Doc Martens, oh how i love thee. They are, chunky, old, beat up and barely ever laced the whole way but somehow they always make me feel dainty! I especially love wearing them with pretty summer dresses, which may look and sound odd but I suppose it puts on a bit of 'edge' so i don't look like too much of a 'girly girl' , we wouldn't want that.

These pictures were taken by the budding photographer that is Shane Magee, husband o' mine. He got a fancy camera (Nikon D70) for his birthday and since then every walk turns into a photo shoot.

* Now that I'm in Canada I am lamenting the loss of British Vogue, Canadian/American Vogue is SO safe and conventional, I have given up on it all together.


Kleja said...

Hi there! Just wanted to say hi and I love that you're doing 'fashion friday' I think you have great style and I can't wait for the next installment.

Nicole said...

I just started reading your blog and I think its wonderful.
Tell your husband that I just love his photos. I love to take photos too.
I am also addicted to knitting and making felted bags.
I just wanted to say that I just love my Doc Marten Boots as well. I cant wear them at the moment because its snowy and they are so loved that they have a big hole where they bend at the toes. Its sad when your Docs are on their last days. I will get some more one day but these ones have sentimental value.
It looks like we have alot in common.
Keep up the great work.