Sunday, 23 May 2010

The Virgin Suicides Dress

Ireland has been struck with some seriously gorgeous weather lately. Toddler + apartment + sunny day = cooped up, sweaty, cabin fever, so me and Molly jumped in the car today and set out in pursuit of a happy field to roam about in. We love the park and try to spend most weekday mornings toddling through there, feeding ducks, playing on the swings and chasing after blowing-bubbles.
But sometimes it can get a little exhausting chasing after my little running lady with the dangers of the river, the road and broken glass all about, especially when my body (33 weeks preggo) is crying out for as much rest as possible.
The solution? A freshly mown field! preferably animal and cow-pat free, lots of space for molly to run free yet with fences/hedges preventing her from disappearing out of my view.

I didn't really get the best photos of my dress but I felt it was time for me to post something a little lighter on this blog of mine. When I saw this dress in Value Village (oh how I miss thee value village!) I instantly thought of the infamous prom dress in Sofia Coppola's 'The Virgin Suicides'.

(My favourite thing about this movie is the soundtrack, I wrote all my uni essays whilst listening to Air)

Ze Dress blends in quite well with this seasons maxi dresses yet it's old and totally handmade. I like to think of the love and attention poured into it over the years, I imagine the occasions it may have been worn to; a rural dance? or perhaps it was an old school bridesmaid dress?

Over and out from Molly, Mr bump and Me.


Eva Marie said...

Love the dress :) and can't go wrong with open fields!

Smiling, Beguiling said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely!

(the dress, the photos, your darlin' girl, and you, most of all you)

Anonymous said...

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