Friday, 4 April 2008

My Muxtape

I just discovered the craze that is Muxtape. It is a simple little site to upload your fav music mixes to and share with your friends. I made a little playlist of some of my favourite tunes, you can hear it here.

And on that note I decided to take some better pictures of my Cassette Tape Bag. The old photos had snow in the background and, of course, that is just sooooo yesterday (literally yesterday - we have been having nice above freezing tempretures these last few days).

So I teamed it with a matching outfit and tada, here she is (most of my bags have been female so far) in all her glory:

1 comment:

The Paper Doll said...

I really really love your shoes!! Where did you get them and where can i get them? I also love your post about red heads and was going to do one as well at some point - go red heads!!