Monday, 31 March 2008


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A few days ago I decided to start taking care of myself. By 'taking care of myself' I mean the following things:
take make-up of at night
drink water instead of aspartane d.c. all the time
brush teeth with more vigor


They are probably the vital basics for most people, but I have always been pretty sloppy when it comes to anything that takes a bit of discipline before I reap the benefit. I prefer the instant results attained by make-up and wardrobe. But my sloppiness is catching up with me - or that is how it feels. So I've been trying to think longer term for personal care. I had even been considered getting an anti-aging cream.

Then this morning, a girl I barely know, but like (and who earns instant kudos for being a girl called toby), tells me that she has some bags of cosmetics that she want's to give me. Turns out she has allergies and is getting rid of all of her...wait for it...CLINIQUE! gasp, I have never owned pricey makeup/cosmetics before!

It feels like Christmas, this afternoon I displayed all these lovely delights out in front of me. Shane was laughing at me because I had the biggest grin on my face. I divided them into 3 piles:
+ makeup
+ daily facials
+ pamper nights

Tonight as I was washing my face with my uber fancy facial soap I suddenly longed to be able to call up my mum and tell her about it. And for a split second I forgot that I couldn't. She would have liked to have heard about it. She would have been impressed.


megan said...

That's funny because I recently made the same promise to myself, with pretty much the same aspects to it. I think simple things like that are great, because so many of us don't really 'take care of ourselves' like we should.

megan /

Kennedy said...

dude i totally relate, i have recently decided to start doing adult healthy responsible things too!
PS-I love your style and also you are just outright stunning.

Anonymous said...