Monday, 3 March 2008

cherry blossom bag

March 3rd 08.
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Considering I wasn't doing too good with 'fashion friday' I have shifted my focus to the flickr group 'wardrobe_remix'. This is my my contribution for today.

pink blouse - vintage thrift store
pistacio sweater (with little white poka-dots on the arms shoulders and collar) - handed down from my mum.

Grey vest (underneath) - American Apparel
Skinny Jeans - cant remember

Shoes - Buffalo 'guddies'
Bag - made by me
hair pin - made by me
Necklace - made by me !

I am holding a bag I made the other day, I just listed it. I am so happy with the embroidery, It took me a long time but was well worth it. I LOVE blossom trees, I just wish the snow would melt and I could see some in real life!

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Lysee said...

This bag is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! Wow. lol.

Much jealous. Just waiting for one of your bags to scream my name...then it shall be mine:)