Monday, 17 March 2008

St. Paddy day

We had a great party on Saturday for St. Patrick's day. We had green food dye for the drinks, green balloons, an awesome playlist of our fav music from the homeland and we even pinned up signs with Ulster sayings on them.

I had been working all day on getting the house pretty for the party and 30 minutes before the first group arrived I totally threw my back out leaning down to take my boot of! Since then I haven't been able to sit down without help, or get dressed without help. So shane is my humble servant.

Anyway, I thought I would commemorate my Irish celebrations with some videos of my favorite Belfast artists.

The first two videos are Duke Special and Neil hannon (from the Divine Comedy) sharing the limelight. I grew up listening and watching live performances from the artist now known as Duke Special. I even remember over ten years ago hearing him in a terrible christian dance band - tragic. The Duke has an incredible voice and seems to have really found his identity as Duke Special.

Both Duke and Hannon grew up in religious enviroments and whilst breaking out of the traditional conventions this influence comes across in their music. I think this one is a cover of an old hymn.

The next video is Foy Vance. When you just listen to his voice you'd be surprised to see that is a white boy. Amazing soul sound. I used to listen to him play to a tiny audience of me and my friends every tuesday in a little cafe. He'd often come sit down and chat with us. Very down to earth. He has now relocated to London and his tunes can be spotted in the Greys anatomy soundtrack!

And the last one really needs no introductions. Except to say that years ago I had the privilege of seeing Glen Hansard singing in the small Auntie Annies bar and he was phenomenal. Well done Glen for striking it big! Watch the movie Once, it will make you cry cry cry.
Watch him singing at the oscars here.

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