Friday, 14 March 2008

Sale City!

birdy mosaic
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Yayyy, I have made 7 sales in the last week!! If I kept that up regularly this would actually be a job!! Meanwhile my shop is looking empty, so I gotta get listing. I have some bags here awaiting their final embellishing.

I discovered that my wardrobe choices have been featured twice on the 'ever-so-cool' website !! Shucks, thanks guys. I now look at my closet in a whole new light. I must admit getting dressed in the mornings is taking a little longer! (much to the dismay of Shane) But it is much more fun.

I am distracted today as we are having a St. Paddy's day party this saturday and I have to make the house presentable. I still have to stock up on some green food dye and download some good irish gigs.

Last night I went to my friend Katie's baby shower (my first ever baby shower). I made these little birdies for them to hang in their nursery. I still haven't got a power converter to make my UK sewing machine work over here, so they are hand-stitched, don't look too closely, my sewing skills leave much room for improvement. I stuffed the birds with grocery bags! well, it worked. And the little hanging tags are finely crocheted cotton with a cute little sparkly bead. I think I may make a few for my shop. What'd'ya think?

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Heather said...

OOhhh - i love the fact that the birds have got 2 different fabrics and the button eyes are super duper cute.