Saturday, 20 August 2011

Bad Attitude

Molly: Can I have a cuddle mummy?

She leans in and butts me in the mouth giving me a bloody lip


Molly: Can I kiss it better?

It's been a long day of one child related 'disaster' after another,

I start to loose it.

"NO Molly, no, no you can't kiss it better, it's really sore!"

Molly: Can you say sorry Mummy?

"And just what do I have to say sorry for Molly?"

Molly:'re angry.


And then she gets her cuddle.


Kym said...

She sounds adorable!

Anonymous said...

Apologies are for hurting people, not for being angry.

alli steen said...

Yes, but anger is often directed at people. Often undeserving people. In our house losing your temper and shouting is bad. And there's mummy being cross : which means somebody is in trouble for being naughty!

Justin Sergeantson said...

She sounds adorable!