Monday, 12 July 2010

Dear Mr Bump,

I'm trying to be patient and all, but I'd really like to meet you soon. You have a lot of people waiting who love you and are looking forward to snuggling with you. Including your beautiful big sister who will just adore playing with you (though it may take a little while for her to master this art - you'll be pretty small and sleepy and even a little grumpy at the start).
Maybe you've heard a lot of unhappy noises over the last 6 months, crying, shouting and such, but please don't let that taint your view on the great big world. Life is beautiful and quite the adventure.

So come on out and greet us, we aren't scary.

Love you,


Anonymous said...

I came across your blog while reading MsSingleMama's page and was incredibly overwhelmed by your story. I've gone through similar series of events, and I too have an almost 19 month old child. My pregnancy was the most depressing 40 weeks of my life, but my son's birth turned it all around. I admire your compassion and strength for a woman who has endured so much pain. It is quite obvious how honorable of a mother you are, and your children are very fortunate to have you. I wish you the best of luck with your heavenly blessings. I hope Mr. Bump makes his appearance soon so you can breathe a little easier. (:

Cibele said...

He knows how much love is waiting for him...

Bryn said...

Okay Mr. Bump! Today's the day! Come on out, it's time to play! Consider this your eviction notice!

Hope all is well and you're getting a bit of rest before the big event!

Eva Marie said...

come on mr bump - dont make mommy have to evict you