Monday, 29 March 2010

Tonight I booked my ticket to see Idlewild play in Belfast. I'll be the one standing near the back, looking like I have a beachball under my shirt, burping and generally looking uncomfortable with standing for long periods of time. I will however have the good good company of Ms. McDougall.


Eyeliah said...

that'll be a great show!

Patty said...

Hope you have a great time :)

Star said...

Read about u from Alaina aka mssinglemama...I had a 2.5 yr old and a two week old (also totally planned) when I found out mine was cheating. Everyone said, "well at least u got two beautiful children out of it.". They don't know how hard it is or how much we resent the man's freedom. I am now 1.5 years out from that and I am whole, happy, feel lucky and blessed, having fun dating...and yes...there are great guys out there that have been hurt too and that would love a great woman with two I get to be picky and choosey :). There are still days when I wish it wasn't all on me or when I wish I had more time and energy for my kids...but the great days outweigh the not so great. U will come this far and get perspective and will find the joy again. I did. Give yourself permission to feel what u feel and to take time to digest. U will make a wonderful peace with it when u r ready. Love, Star

Ruby said...

Hi Alli,
I just came from Alaina's site, and just want to tell you:

1. You are so beautiful =)
*And your hair! it's such a pretty color!!! <3
2. Your daughter is taking on after you :))
3. We're rooting for you! There is light. This is not the end because the end is always, always good :)

Anonymous said...

I just came over from mssinglemama's site and wanted to tell you that we are rooting for you. I am sure that you are making it day by day, or minute by minute but we are all here for you!

Kris said...

I too just found you on Alaina's blog and have to tell you that I've been through it and I too felt alone and TERRIFIED! Now my baby (that I was pregnant with when I found out my ex-hubby was cheating) is THREE and we are doing great. Is it still scary? yes. Is it sometimes sad? absolutely. I am a true believer that all things happen for a reason and we are meant to walk this journey. Stay strong. You are beautiful and WILL come through this a better, stronger momma. *hug*

marlaquin said...

I was exactly where you are today, six years ago. Almost two year old, eight weeks to go moving home to be by my family, left by my husband. I know what you are going through is incredibly painful. Just know that each day, the light will come in a bit more, and you will feel better.

Enjoy your sweet babes.

alli magee said...

star, you're so right i get the "at least you got two beautiful children" line too :o) it's said with a good heart but, yeah his new found freedom has come at the cost of mine.

thank you for your words of hope.

thanks everyone.

Anonymous said...

"beautiful daughter..." yeah I get that too! I stil resent my ex who has provided no support, emotional or financial through most of my pregnancy, birth and beyond. And while my daughter is 9 months old today, his girlfriend is about 6 months pregnant. I resented my ex's ability to ignore reality and be "free" at first, but really, he will never be "free." Any person that lives a dishonest, deceitful life does not have freedom. We are the free ones, able to live our lives in the manner we choose, taking the high road, always.

Anonymous said...

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