Monday, 20 July 2009

something from the photo booth to signify life!

We are going through some pretty gigantic transitions here in the Magee household, and that isn't even counting the wee wonder that is our 'growin-like-a-weed' Mollster. I hope to be able to divulge them here in the next week or so (and NO it isn't another pregnancy announcement!).

Until then, here is a little peek into my regular ol' day to day...

(Due to the superbly wonderful photo booth feature on my mac (aka 'my precious') I am able to snap the little parts of life that occur when we are sitting at the computer. )
much story telling (this board book is from the creative genius Nikki McClure)

there has been much post bath snugglin'

some pretty heavy renovations (this isn't our house, it's just our barn)

Excuse the almost-nudity but I wouldn't be accurately portraying the 'day-to-day' If I didn't have a shot in here like this. In the last few weeks Molly has started taking some occasional 'solids' (not really solid at all, more 'mushy'). Up until this I had been spending most of my days semi clad, always at the ready for the next feeding. During my whole pregnancy I was totally freaked out about the idea of Breast feeding. I knew I was going to do it as I was and am entirely convinced it is what is best for the baby, but the idea of having a baby 'suckin on ma boob' totally grossed me out. Ewww.

8 months on and I am so very glad I chose to, and persisted in, feeding her myself. It's much handier than bothering with a bottle and sterilizing, It's cheaper, it burns calories, it shrinks your uterus right back to size in no time and something very near and dear to my heart, In the mornings I bring her into bed with me and feed her WHILST I SNOOZE (I am a great lover of 'the sleep'). The benefits go on and on... I don't intend to preach, but BF has taken up a large portion of my life for the last 8 months and I am more proud of myself for this than anything else I've done so far....So what else has been going on?

there's been lots of face pulling

late night moments of 'chillllld why are you not asleeeep!'

much giggling

and even some snuggling with the hubby in front of our favourite movies and shows

There have indeed been creative endeavours too, but that's for later...


Eyeliah SS said...

awwwwwwwww! Thanks for the update, she is adorable.

Sans vous, il y a aucun je said...

awwwwww ! She really looks so adorable :)