Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Pillowcase dress

I've been wanting to try out the classic pillowcase dress for a while now and the other night I finally got round to it. I didn't actually make it out of a pillowcase as I thought molly is probably still a bit too teeny for that. But, I delved deep into my stash and found some cute blue and white fabric along with a scrap of faux bois for the bottom and the picot edged bias tape was perfect for the arm holes and ties. I was so pleased with this one that I made a second one the next night. I might get it photographed tomorrow if the weather permits. I'm about to embark on my 3rd one just to see how I can vary the shape of it for the best fit. If I find the perfect design I may get some up on Etsy sometime.


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These photos are so cute, you have such a lovely blog!

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