Monday, 5 November 2007

meet Doris the Bird Bag..

Hi Guys, I am Doris, The Bird Bag

I am knit lovingly in a 100% pea-soup-green wool from one of Canada’s oldest woollen mills, Briggs and Little. Then I was felted to keep me strong and sturdy for the many, many items you will cart around in me.

I have a little bird embroidered on me in wool and cotton yarn. When it isn’t too busy flying about with a twig full of berries it tells me little secrets, if you listen very carefully he may tell you some as well. The bird is sewn in cream with lovely dark turquoise wings and a tail. The beak is orange. The twig is brown and it is full of bright berries in orange, red and maroon.

I am indeed spacious, my measurements are: 12 inches wide, 11.5 inches high, 4.5 inches deep and my straps are 10 inches high at its peak. I can easily carry a large magazine, book, water bottle , purse, small camera and all the other bits and bobs you simply must have on you. My straps are so fun as each one is twisted together with two knitted, felted cords, so from every angle I am an eye catchin’ delight!

**Please feel free to take out a measuring tape and have a good think about what size I am**

I clasp together with a nice, big wooden button, sewn on with the contrasting turquoise colour and the crochet button loop is the same fun bright colour as the rest of me. I even have a fabric-covered base to keep me in shape and always looking good :o)

I am going to make you a very happy little owner, I know ya see, a little bird told me so.

Yours Expectantly

Doris (the bird bag).

p.s. You can read about me and my friends at

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Heidi said...

i do so love that bag!!!!!!!!!! i was even thinking if i had had the money, i would have bought it myself.

doris the bird bag sure found a new home FAST!!!! it's creator is scary talented!!