Thursday, 8 November 2007

It's off to an encouraging start!

Oh my goodness! My shop is empty, I've sold three bags in the last week and I've been told this is unusual. Doris was only for sale for an hour, maximum before she was snatched up! Needless to say lots of 'i just sold my bag' dances have been performed :o)

Ok so stay with me, there will be more and soon! As of tomorrow I will have 4 more bags (of some shape and form) felted and one big big bag embroidered and ready for posting. So there is plenty more to come and lots to go around.

I'm getting lots of ideas ticking around in my head. I have ideas of fabric covered buttons and felted flowers on the bags. And I am getting a little faster. Me and Shane went for a beautiful drive today to see the winter landscape and Shane took some pictures (we really do live in an incredibly beautiful place). I was suprised to see that I had almost knitted a whole bag during the drive!

The whole process all together takes longer than I'd expected. I had assumed that once I got the knitting done it'd be a breeeze. But there's alot more:

trimming the fuzz (the most tedious part)
cutting the base out
sewing the base cover
taking the photos
writing the description
listing the bag
packing it up
posting it

this all takes time! oh but it's still fun and I get delight from nearly all of it.

When the first bag sold I couldn't sleep because I kept imagining the buyer receiving it and not liking it! I've chilled out a little bit since then, had a good look at my creations and thought 'these are darn cool bags!' Polly the Peacock Bag is being taken to Holland for a 'Sinterklaas' gift! a Dutch tradition of present giving before Christmas. So I must wave goodbye to my 'babies' , yuck, did I really just say that!?

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