Wednesday, 28 November 2007

i froze my bum off today getting pics of my bags...

It's one of THOSE days.
I can't even show you the pictures i took this morning of my bags because we are currently borrowing a friend's old laptop and it can't handle the format we took the pics in. I wanted to get some bags listed already today but i cant find my measuring tape to get accurate measurements for the listing. Arg!

Though it ain't all bag news (sic)! We
heard from immigration today. Our applications have been processed and we are still legal. Phew. That horrible knot in my stomach is suddenly gone. So the photos, the cold and the measuring tape, small potatoes.

I've been knitting away trying to get a bunch to put up every day or so in the lead up to Christmas. And I'm pleased with the results. mostly. I fear I shall always be my worst critic.

Some of these bags have been knitted when I've been in a very dark place, it's nice to see
creativity come out of chaos.

I've even had a go at an ipod sleeve and i like it. It is helpful to
have small items I can churn out faster than the bags.


nakedpastor said...

what do you mean can't handle the format!? what kind of friend is THAT?

onelittlemustardseed said...

More lovely pretty!

lilytodd said...

Your bags are stunning, really unique and quirky. Good luck x

Anonymous said...

We have not seen much knitting at the Red Whale...... :*( and we have not seen any Red Whale bags....:*(