Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween Everyone!

I love Halloween and all things Autumnal. Last weekend my wee country town had their annual Autumnfest, with pumpkin carving, scarecrow competition, toddler dance, bouncy castle, fireworks and more. And tonight me and the Mollster went 'Trick or Treating', I'm glad to say we were treated very well and I've been 'helping' Molly with the terrible task of candy-eating. Molly was a rag-doll this year, I got the idea from here (which incidentally is where I got last years costume ideas too. See? I'm just a follower). It was a super easy costume to make, all the clothes are Molly's own and the wig took about 20 minutes to make and cost me a £1.50 ball of wool.

Finch sat this year out, it would have been a nightmare dragging him from door to door, he is a feisty little thing at the moment and he'd probably have been yelling and wrestling me to get into everybody's home! I'm learning to pick my battles and not out-do myself just because I want the perfect little family picture (when the reality would have been all tears and stress).

eating some of her treats

Hope you all have had a lovely halloween. x


Anonymous said...

Absolutely adorable; oh, and the costume is cute, too! I continue to pray for you and your litlle ones, Alli.

kkerin said...

She is precious! Very creative costume!