Saturday, 6 November 2010

A Parliament

(Again, apologies for the poor quality of photos, still can't find my camera so they are still taken with a hijacked iphone)

This halloween we were a parliament of owls. I took inspiration from this tutorial and made us all little owl costumes. We attempted trick or treating but most people didn't answer their doors. In the first house that did, Molly ran straight into their hallway and took a tantrum when I told her we had to leave. At the second house Molly began shoveling marshmallow treats in her mouth, started to choke and had a mini vomit-fest right there in the doorway. Methinks she might be a little too young for this trickin' malarky. Finch tagged along too, so I really was chancing my luck.

I felt a little disappointed by the amount of people who wouldn't open their doors. It really doesn't matter if you have no candy, just open up your door, ask the kids what they are dressed up as and tell them they look great. That's all it takes.
Anyway, the whole day turned out to be a bit of a downer. After spending at least three evenings toiling away making the costumes until 1 am, we wore them for a maximum of 30 minutes and were seen by about 5 people. If I had gotten them made one day earlier we would have stole the show at the fancy dress contest in the town hall which was awash with only store bought costumes. Ah well, there is always next year.

They did make pretty cute owls though :o)


Paul Perkins said...

But Molly, they've been seen by us adoring masses online! And we love you/them/it all!

Paul Perkins said...

When I said Molly, I meant Alli!!

Abigail Thomas said...

yes agreed! they are brilliant costumes!

Anonymous said...

tooo cute, your handiwork is being seen by the masses, so much nicer than shop bought ones!!!L xo

QuirkyGirl said...

Maybe next year you can be a gaggle of is rather fun to say if nothing else :)

ingrid said...

Holy crow, you guys are adorable!

Eva Marie said...

OMG these are the best costumes ever.. I LOVE them..
how could someone not open their door to two friggin cute baby's HELLO people..

and you so need to find your camera asap before you look back in a year and say why am I missing photos from march - oct hahah ..

E said...

So cute!

A fine kine between killing yourself trying to make good times and giving up. With time you will hopefully find the balance easier. Two little kids IS a big job!