Thursday, 10 March 2011

'Winters come and gone...'

I am a bad little blogger. I must admit, I feel little inclination to 'put pen to paper' these days, inspiration is sparse. Perhaps I have bloggers block?

Happily, I believe contentment has toned down the torturous introspection that plagued me this last year. Spring has sprung, life feels new, all the horrible 'a year ago today...' milestones have been reached now it's just about building new memories and creating our own traditions.

The Steen garden is blooming with crocus' and daffodils. The evenings are bright and cheerful. The days are getting warmer and beg to be spent outdoors. It is happy life that I live.


Anonymous said...

Thats lovely love u guys and so proud of how far you've come!!

Kym said...

You sound delighted by your life! Good for you!

Anonymous said...

Love this post and am so happy to hear joy and happiness in your words. There is magic in spring.