Saturday, 29 January 2011

On The Laps of Their Parents

It continually fascinates me to watch Molly imitate me. Functioning like a mirror set up to show me exactly how she perceives my parenting. Somedays her teddies and dollies are repetitively put on the naughty step and told to say sorry. I bite my lip as I watch her role play, thinking 'am I overdoing the discipline?', 'Is that all she sees our relationship as? A never ending time out?'. But there are other days, when I walk into her room in the morning and see all her toys snuggly tucked into bed, or when she lays dolly over her knee and rubs her back. In those moments I think I must be doing something right.
'Dolly', the recipient of Molly's mock parenting, was Moll's
Christmas present this year, I made her with this tutorial.

The other day she sat for an hour with 'dolly' on her knee and read her stories, book after book, inventing the narrative in her own native language. It reminded me to not roll my eyes so much next time she follows me around the house, holding a book and exclaiming 'Mummy's knee! Mummy's knee!'

What are some of your favourite children's books? Me and Moll are equally obsessed with Calef Brown's Polkabats and Octopus Slacks. This book has been torn to pieces and taped together many times, the sign of a much loved book.
A little update: Finch has finally started sleeping through the night. The second day that he received 3 solid meals he went from a 4 hour waker, to sleeping 12 hours straight! It seems he was just way too hungry to sleep all night long. I feel like a whole new person.


QuirkyGirl said...

Ilove where the wild things are. I often give it as a gift at baby showers. I love it because it's not all happy and sugary. It's about a boy who gets in trouble. His mum is mad. He is mad. He's sent off to bed and imagines himself someplace far far away where he can be as bad and terrible as he wants and they make him king for it. But he doesn't stay away...his mum (mad as she may have been) lures him back by bringing him dinner. Her love. He remembers she loves him no matter how ugly you act to each other. Thats why I love it so much. Parenting is HAAAARD work. Especially when you do it alone (i've been at it 10 years solo), and this book escapes into the not so pretty but very realness of that part of childhood and being a momma.

I also like oh the places you wil go....becuase it's hopeful :)

alli steen said...

thanks! I love Where the Wild Things Are too, brilliant. My friend actually made me wild thing themed painting for christmas, will have to photograph it (once i find my $£%@$£! camera!) and post some pics.

Have you seen the movie? it's brilliant, tho really more for adult enjoyment than children. but a great elaborate interpretation of the story.

10 years! and still sane, well done x
i'll check out the other one. thanks x

Anonymous said...

I loved "Owl Babies" when my 'babies' were younger. Sweet, with one little owl continually saying, "I want my Mama!" Keep up the good work with the discipline; sounds like you have a good balance. Yes, some days you wonder if you said ANYTHING nice to your child. But hard work now pays off when your children are older; you will be able to enjoy your relationship more fully if you put in the really hard work at the front end (mine are 13 and 16 and a pleasure to be with). And, of course, if you blow it, tomorrow is another day. Confess, repent, and trust the Lord can help you the next day. You are prayed for! Kathy Waters

QuirkyGirl said...

Yes I was actually given a copy of the movie for my birthday last. I took my children to the theatre to see it when it first was released. They didn't care for it, but I fell in love. The half light in which it was filmed gave it a tender beauty. I think it touched me so because it came directly after my parents divorced after over 30 years of marriage. I resonated with his inability to let go of the way things use to be.

Another cute one (though be prepared for tears) is Love You Forever. As far as sanity goes....well...I don't know I had much at the start! lol

blogiston said...

Good God! At face value, you're the essence of the perfect family that any man would be so proud to be a part of...
You've certainly inspired me.
Bloggy (of Carrick)

esther said...

'Peace At Last', by Jill Murphy. When my son was little we could quote the whole book. All the 'Jolly Postman' books, ah the memories....!

alli steen said...

Owl Babies and the Jolly Postman, LOVED both of those books growing up. molly's still too wee for the postman books but i will really enjoy introducing them to her whenever she is ready.


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