Monday, 22 February 2010

come out of the cave...

Trying to find the strength and reason to get out of bed*, to get dressed, to put on make up, to eat, to keep going. Most mornings I lie there making a list of reasons to get up. After a few hours I usually find something convincing enough, either that or I am simply starving and must at least find my way to the fridge.

Clothes and make up always give a surprising lift to my spirits. Today I will be:
* Eating cheese

* Listening to mumford + sons and reading my current situation into every word and note.

* Immersing myself in the twitter world, now that I am back in a city (Belfast) where stuff happens I want to feel a bit more plugged in. Plus I just submitted my first entry to Artwiculate from the lovely creatives at Atto (two thirds of which are letting me crash in their house and tag along like their annoying cousin.)

* Making some little scrap notebooks for a craft fair coming up next month.

*molly is being minded by her auntie and uncle for a few weeks so I can get some head space.

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