Monday, 10 August 2009

Thrifty DecorBaby

Here is a little sneak peek at Molly's room. I plan on getting it all properly photographed and I DREAM of having it featured on Odeedoh. I won't hold my breath, but a girl can dream. It is mostly filled with thrifted finds, and, unintentionally, there is a lot of Dollar Store content in there too. I love to see what can be created on a teeny-tiny budget.

  • 'M' plushie - made with Dollar Store felt
  • Origami star - made with D S paper
  • Frame - thrited for $1 at a yard sale
  • Vintage dress on pink hanger - a gift from my MIL (aka Molly's Gran), who spied it at a Spanish market
  • Dress on yellow hanger - found this for $2 at Frenchy's (I think it's supposed to be a doll dress!)
  • Dress on green hanger - a gorgeous little denim number, gifted from a friend.
I splurged a bit for the hangers themselves. Couldn't resist.



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