Monday, 3 August 2009

summertime and the living is easy

We have had some shiny-shiny-sunshine these last few days. Thus we have been happily lounging on the beach and swimming. We have a public beach just five minutes from our house. It's been so nice to pack up a bag and go hang out under a shady tree, away from the housework, the renovations, the computer... I find we focus so much more on molly when we are all hanging out on a picnic blanket, we can bask in her laughter and marvel at every little expression. She's become a real pro and sitting up by herself, she has been able to do it in brief bouts for a few weeks, but now she is a total pro. It looks so grown up! TOO grown up!

As promised, I got some photos of the other dress I made. It is made from salvaged material. The flower embellishment is from a vintage handkerchief.


Eyeliah SS said...

Aww, so cute and yes growing up already. I am about to take a 3 day computer break - I'm so excited!! Blogging and reading blogs etc can take up more time then we realize.

softspoken said...

i adore that blanket - did you make it?? and your little one is just the sweetest :)

alli magee said...

Thanks for the comments, I wish I'd made the blanket, I'd be very proud, BUT I'm still pretty proud that I thrifted it for a couple of dollars. the colours kind of remind me of a pop tart.

Hope your enjoying your inter-web vacation Eyeliah! I know what you mean entirely! I've spent the whole evening clicking away on my computer when I would have had much more fun listening to some music and making stuff.

Still none of it would be fun If we couldn't inspire each other and play online show and tell.