Thursday, 31 December 2009

The other day I miraculously managed to get showered and dressed in something that wasn't my p'jammies! Shane remarked on how good I looked and suggested a potential wardrobe remix photo. I gave him an affectionate smile and told him that the only reason he thought my appearance looked so worthy was because I was out of my baby snot covered sweats and had managed to pull my hair out of it's 3 day ponytail. Remarkable it may be, but photo worthy twas not.

I can feel the severity of the first trimester beginning to leave me now and am starting to feel a little more like 'myself' (whatever that means). I take one little nap in the afternoon and the rest of the day I feel rather normal, as opposed to feeling that a weeks constant sleeping would not satisfy my insatiable fatigue! Whilst I have enjoyed the endless sofa snuggling with ms molly, I am happy to be over the hump of it all:

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Eyeliah said...

Awww, Happy New Year to you and the family!